I really could not have asked for better programming, or a better coaching staff, or a more positive environment in which to challenge myself these past four months.  I am looking forward to what the next four months bring.” –Jacob B.

“Every time I come to Crossfit I surprise myself, I go farther than I thought I could. “I can’t” becomes “I can” and that’s a great feeling!” -Nita N.

I feel better, I sleep better, I eat better, I crave the work out. It’s weird but true. When I miss a day I feel like a slug! Stairs are easier. Picking up kids is easier. Being the mom they need me to be is easier.” –Leslie K.

I am less winded and tired.  Plus, I notice muscles cropping up in places that I did not have muscle tone before. I notice myself trying to make better choices outside the box.” -Michelle W.

Those labs plus the weight I’ve lost so far mean I’m getting ready to turn 41 with a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease than I had in my thirties! Plus, now I can carry two 40-lb bags of cat litter in from the car in one trip!” -Christi C.

I just love the Hill.  The energy, support, and positivity is so contagious.   You just want to pass it on.” -Leah H.

I like the community feeling at Memorial Hill; that was exactly what I was looking for in a gym.” -Natalie G.

“I’d argue I’m a better dad, better spouse, better friend, better everything because of a renewed focus on being healthy(ER). Its changed things far beyond what I ever considered would matter. In a deep philosophical sense, by spending more time on myself, I feel I’ve created more time for everyone else.” -Mark N.