12 FREE workouts to kick-start your fitness. No gym membership or contract

Why Do Couch To CrossFit?

At CrossFit Memorial Hill and virtually across the world, we've trained over 4,000 athletes- professional athletes to grandmas, ages 8 to 80. We often get asked, "Is CrossFit right for me?" I can show you thousands of examples of people of all shapes and sizes doing CrossFit, but we have decided to show you that, yes, you can do it too!

What Is It?

Couch to CrossFit it is free, online program to kick-start your fitness. It consists of 12 workout that will progress you from the most basic to more challenging movements. Anyone can completeCouch to CrossFit. Along with the 12 workouts, you'll have access to our online Movement Library with demo videos of all the movement you'll see in the program.

Is It For Me?

As we're gearing up for New Year's Resolution season, most people have a goal of getting in shape, losing weight, and becoming more active. The unfortunate thing is that most people will sign a long-term contract at a gym that they'll go another year without using. Our hope is that you use Couch to CrossFit as a launching off point - a launch that doesn't require a gym membership or (ugh) a long-term contract.

I'm In. How Do I Start?

Just fill out the form below and you'll be directed to a welcome video and message from me. You'll also have your first workout waiting for you in your inbox! You'll receive a new workout every other day for a total of 12 FREE workouts.

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