Getting to know Mark Campbell of Core Strong Fitness

We might be two unique fitfams sharing space, but we also share the same core belief that caring about people comes first.

Mark and Matt agree that if you don’t care about people, you shouldn’t be in the fitness industry. Get to know Mark and why we are so glad to have his TRX fitfam under The Hill’s umbrella.

Mark is a super effective coach and with an IG following pushing 25K @trx_core Plus, he’s super patient and kind and we love having him at our staff meetings each week.

“Mark at CoreStrong Fitness has been amazing at coaching not only TRX, but also overall lifestyle changes. I have changed my mindset, have learned how to love myself more, and that eating healthy and exercising can be a form of that self love. CoreStrong has provided an outlet for stress as a crazy graduate student that truly as more like a family than a gym.”
– Carly Kempf
Core Strong Fitness Athlete

Let’s get to know more about Mark!
Fill in the blank: I wanted to be a _ when I grew up. Paleontologist

Where did you grow up? Independence, MO

Favorite class or activity in high school? Anatomy

In high school known for? Being an Eminem look alike. LOL!

Most interesting part time job? Abercrombie and Fitch

Movie you can quote: Dumb and Dumber

Got any hidden talents? I can whistle like a bird.

What do you like about KC? I love the growing community of startups, coffee shops, AMAZING BBQ and actives to do trough-out the week.

Title: Owner CORE Strong Fitness @corestrongkc

How & when did you get connected to The Hill? Just over 3 years through coach Bri who I knew from the Chiropractic I use to work for.

How long have you been coaching? (here or elsewhere) I became a certified Personal Trainer in 2010 and started training at a wellness clinic in Lee’s Summit.

Why Coach? – what motivates you personally? I love to help people MOVE better, get stronger accomplish task in their daily lives that may not be huge feels of strength but help them live a better life and be injury free by build resilience and healthy habits.

What do you love about your job? (can list a few if you’d like ) Watching other gain a stronger sense of self confidence and self love through challenge and adversity.

What certifications do you hold and which are you most proud of? NSCA CPT, Black Ranked TRX Coach ( First one in the Midwest to achieve this), Barefoot Training Specialist, RockTape FMT Certified, and Postural Respiration Certified.

What continuing ed are you planning or currently doing? I am currently taking the Precision Nutrition Course and I am planning on taking my level 1 DVRT Sandbag Certification, along with StrongFirst Bodyweight course and Kettlebell Certification within the next year.

How would you describe your coaching style? I am a stickler for form and helping people do things better to reduce risk of injury and get more from the exercises the athletes are performing but I like to have fun being my quirky self.

What’s something you wish everyone knew about health and fitness? Less can be more. It doesn’t have to take a full time commitment to better your health, just a more conscious effort at the foods you put into your body and the simple extra things people can do or not do to advise their health.

What is something you are working on improving as an athlete personally? I just recently got into rock climbing and bouldering, so trying to improve my climbing skills and technique and breathe control.

What is something you are looking forward to? The next time I get to climb.

What else should we know about you? I LOVE coffee and I love to talk about coffee like people talk about wines. I probably drink too much coffee but I love the taste and flavors and the buzz! LOL

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