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Job Opportunities at TheHillKC

All new employees and coaches at TheHillKC will complete our 12-week internship program. In addition to new members of our team, we have an in-depth learning internship available for a longer duration extended to students looking to build a career in Coaching or Fitness Business.

**Please note: This internship program requires you to be an active, paying member at the gym. Our staff will invest considerable resources into your education and development. Participants should treat this as an education and development course.

The 12-week program is broken into two learning categories:

The Business of Fitness

Interns will work closely with Matt Scanlon to learn all facets of the business of opening, operating, and growing a fitness business. Interns will learn organizational structure, marketing, and finances. Interns will have access to an extensive network of fitness and business professionals through Matt’s work at 321GoProject.


Interns looking to make a career in the fitness industry as a coach or trainer will work closely with Josh Snyder – Director of Training for TheHillKC. Interns will learn the fundamentals of coaching a great Private Coaching session, group class, how to program for broad populations, and sport-specific populations. Interns will sit in on staff meetings, programming meetings, and long-term planning sessions.

Internships are required for new employees of TheHillKC.

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