Gaining Independence After a Stroke

In 2016 Anita had a stroke on her right side. She went from taking care of her household and caring for her husband to being unable to walk and needing a caregiver for herself. Because of her hard work in the gym, she is walking and using her wheelchair less.

My stroke was on my right side, severely affecting my speech, arm and hand, and leg and ankle. I was in a wheelchair. 
After the stroke I had speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy; and they did an excellent job. I had to learn everything from swallowing, dressing myself using my left hand instead of my right.
But the therapist can not be permanent.  I needed a way to feel encouraged — it is amazing how much the statement “Good Job” from Coach Brianna means to me. And I feel challenged and taught to do new ways of exercises.

What would you tell someone afraid to try CrossFit at The Hill?
The staff knows their clientele and are very protective. I will try things with them, that I am afraid to try on my own, because they are there if I need help. They are very cognizant of the limits of the clients, but also what they can do. So they can challenge them. 

What caused you to walk through our doors that first time?
My son had come to CrossFit and been pleased with the facility and the physical success, and felt I could benefit in spite of my stroke. 
I was ready for challenges, I enjoy trying new things. 

I keep coming back because I feel I am visiting with friends that are helping me achieve my best. 

Some of my goals are to walk well enough to get in the car so I can drive, to strengthen my knees to prevent damage, to get out of my wheel chair easily. 
I am proud that I have started to walk some places. 

There is so much everyone can learn from Anita.
Talk about a positive attitude in the face of adversity. This incredible woman has it. From the moment Coach Brianna met her, her spark and fire to learn and be challenged was contagious.

Whenever Coach Brianna suggests they try something new, Anita never hesitates to give it her best shot. Does it always work? Nope.
But that doesn’t deter her or bring her down.
She keeps trying, telling Brianna how it feels, what she has to think about to do that particular thing; and little by little we unlock more and more movement. More of her grand potential.
We know she comes to The Hill to better herself, but we are all better because of her bravery. There isn’t one person that doesn’t feel encouraged after talking with Anita, or seeing her willingness to work hard.

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