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Survivor Friday 2018

Survivor Friday A WORKOUT FOR CANCER SURVIVORS AND THEIR FAMILY. A cancer diagnosis is scary and confusing. Working out is scary and confusing. This is your chance to see that you not only survive, but thrive. Meet other survivors who have taken control of their...

Will lifting weights before a metcon make you stronger?

Ah, the age-old debate. And one that — with a basic understanding of physiology — is beginning to look like the recent Flat Earth movement. The answer to this question is NO. Definitively no. To even entertain this statement as true demonstrates a fundamental...

You’ve COMPLETELY Misunderstood Lifestyle Track

TL; DR: Our “Lifestyle” programming track is written as the most intense version of the WOD, the Development is written as the least intense, and the Strength Track written as the most intense FOR REGIONALS ATHLETES, but most of our athletes land somewhere...

Getting to Know Matt Scanlon

CARING | HONEST | DRIVEN These are the core values we hold as a team. Part 9 of our “Getting to Know The Hill” series.. This month we are getting to know our owner Matt Scanlon. “Leadership not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in...

Newsletter: March 2018

March 2018 Friday Night Lights Thanks to all who came out for 18.1! We’ll continue our tradition of doing each week’s workout in every class on Friday’s, with a fun CF Games workout each Friday evening 5-7pm. ANNOUNCEMENTS  Eric Blue AKA...

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Olympic Weightlifting Course

Starts Monday, April 2nd 5:00PM


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